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"Now I know where I stand" -Ken [more...]

While I have had no history of heart problems, I come from a bad gene pool.

I found myself a little hesitant to begin the testing: Could this be the end of my peaceful ignorance? Am I about to find out I have major heart problems and my life as I know it will be over? Kind of scary, but I also knew this was the right thing to do.

Fortunately, and somewhat to my surprise, my tests turned out OK in my opinion. I have some issues, but they are issues that I can readily do something about. Nobody ever told me this stuff before!

Now, instead of hoping that things would turn out OK, I have a new awareness about what is actually going on in my body and what to do about it. Now I know where I stand and I have a good shot at preventing and even reversing the damage.

- Ken R.


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