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"Revati was a perfect match for me." -Al [more...]

Ever since I lost my dad to a fatal heart attack in 1961, I have been aware of the possibility of that happening to me. My father was not overweight, was very healthy, and I never saw him really ill all my life (I was 19 then-he was 62). He never missed a day of work and took pride in his vigor.

Today, I am 70 years old and have found Revati Wellness as a way to help prevent this event from occurring in me. I have been fit and athletic all my life, eat a healthy diet, don’t abuse myself with unhealthy habits, and obtain an annual physical. Even though this has been my lifestyle, I have always wondered if I had any coronary artery disease because of my genetic make up.

As a result of the thorough evaluation provided by Dr. Tom I have learned that I also am at a much higher risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke, even though I had no symptoms. I discovered that I was insulin resistant and some of my lipid values were in an unhealthy range. Finding Revati was a perfect match for me because the more rigorous, individualized testing and assessment provided me with results that I would not have received with the usual testing procedures. The comprehensive treatment plan that Dr. Tom developed provided me with the ‘road map’ to make the changes needed to lower my risk of coronary artery disease and stroke.

After 3 months of following Dr. Tom’s plan, my lipids are now in a very healthy range and my glucose tolerance test has improved considerably. I have lost seven pounds by significantly reducing my starch and sugar consumption, and I have more energy. I am very grateful to Dr. Tom and the Revati team for all they have done to change my life.

-Al D.


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