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"My kids think that joining this practice is the best thing I've ever done for my health&qu

When I first learned about Revati Wellness the concepts behind it intrigued me. As a person in late mid-life, I was aware that prevention is the key to having a high quality life. I knew Dr. Tom Morledge from his tenure as Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Willoughby Hills office and their Center for Integrative Medicine.

The opportunity to participate in a concierge practice appealed to me at a time when thorough, timely, personal medical care is fast becoming a “thing of the past”. Revati Wellness combines these things into a program customized for each patient. I have created an in-depth lifestyle and medical history (which is regularly referred to), have learned to meditate, have learned to cook and eat healthily, and have been evaluated by an exercise physiologist.

Based on this an individualized health plan has been set up which motivates me to practice a healthy lifestyle and, I have the tools to have made it a reality! Even my kids think that joining this practice is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health.

–Marcia A.


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