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“Finding Dr. Tom is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.” - Roger & Mary Ann [more...]

Roger is a successful building contractor who routinely manages multi-million-dollar contracts for large businesses. In the past several years, he has been under quite a bit of stress relating to his business operations and managing subcontractors.

However, he’s always had a healthy lifestyle. He is an avid golfer and runner; in college he even beat an athlete that went on to be an Olympic gold medalist. That discipline didn’t wane as he got older.

However, lately he’d noticed he was having trouble with routine tasks.

“He was stressing out… he was just a mess. His memory was going, he was not focused, his day to day activities were declining, his driving was bad, his golf game was suffering, even reaching out to family and friends he was kind of backwards, he was getting more in his shell,” according to Mary Ann, his wife.

He might forget what stroke he was on while at the golf course, or forget what chores he was supposed to do around the house. Mary Ann says, “Before, he was so bad, I’d say take out the trash and he’d take out the recycle bin. And then one time he got so confused he took it to the street and he brought it back in. He took it out and then he put it back in the garage again. He doesn’t do that anymore. I mean he was confused.”

She knew she could no longer feel confident in his ability to navigate by himself, so she had to start driving him everywhere. Eventually, their daughter convinced them to seek professional help, and referred them to Revati Wellness. It was fortunate that Dr. Tom had just returned from attending a conference presented by Dr. Dale Bredesen.

At our office, Roger started on an Alzheimer’s Reversal protocol under the guidance of Dr. Tom. This protocol is under development by Dr. Bredesen, and outlined in The Bredesen Protocol. He made some changes including:

  • Enhancing his already quite good diet,

  • Practicing stress management techniques,

  • Daily training on memory exercises, and

  • A protocol of supplements.

When we met with Roger and Mary Ann about four weeks later, they said he was “a whole new person.” Mary Ann had noticed him not only completing chores around the house that she asked him about, but even taking the initiative to notice things that needed to be done and tackling those tasks. She felt confident allowing him to drive to their daughter’s house and back alone, and even going an hour away to play golf with a friend.

“He drove to see my granddaughter in Aurora, by himself, and drove home, which I would’ve never let him do, all within a month of coming to Dr. Tom. And that’s no BS. So I can’t say enough about this program and Dr. Tom.”

He also notices internally that his motivation and energy are much improved. He would feel apathetic at times before, and doing something that required a lot of mental energy would take him days to recover. This time, he even admitted that he had been trying to hide signs of his memory deficits, which he no longer felt the need to do.

Roger says, “My memory’s not quite… it’s not perfect yet. But it’s going to get there, I can tell. It’s like every day it gets a little better and every day it gets a little better. And I keep wanting to do everything I’m supposed to do perfect, because I know if I do that I’m going to get better every day.”

Mary Ann agreed, “Finding Dr. Tom is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”

-Roger & Mary Ann K.

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